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Abstract Red 1000x1500x30

The past creates stories which we carry with us wherever we go and some, whether good or bad, are needing to be told. These and thoughts about the now and the future, form the foundations for my work. 


I operate from a landscape of raw intensity, of brutality as well as forgiveness. The abstract medium allows me to create a visual context to explain my emotional narrative. The palette of colours I use is visceral. The materials are varied: acrylics, netting, canvas, glitter and scaffolding. Constructing layers, experimenting with textures, using the differences in movement between paints, a subtle nuance or a slap in the face. Whatever it takes to tell my story.

Abuse is not only about being a victim, it is also about becoming a survivor. I live with cancer. I manage my M.S. These are complex narratives the themes of which cannot be rushed. Nor can my paintings. They can be mercurial in nature and intricate in character. Overall, they need to be listened to. Each visit offers rewards as other facets to the story are revealed. Extensions of myself. All that I am, that I have been and that I hope to be. 


Abstract Blue 1500x1000x30

The Holy Art Gallery

The name of the exhibition is “Momentum” & is available to view on theholyart.com website under the Archive section.

The 2 pieces I had selected are Abstract Blue (bottom) & The Beauty Of Pain (top).

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

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