I originally studied drama at university followed by contemporary dance at a college in London, where I specialised in choreography. Each was a discipline in which I was able to experiment with theatre, movement, theatrics, elements which I continue to draw upon today. 

 At some point in life, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which meant I had to stop and take stock of my life. Some years later I was also diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. I believe the current way of referring to these is life-limiting”. However they are seen, they certainly dont define me. I am living with my cancer and I am managing my MS and am using my experience with both as inspiration for my work. 

I also take my experiences of domestic violence to show how abuse is not only about me being a victim, it is also about me becoming a survivor. The strength of hope and the need to move forward, both recurring themes within my work. 

The abstract medium I use helps me create a visual context to explain my emotional narrative. Operating from a landscape of raw intensity, the vibrancy and expressive quality of my work explores the brutality and beauty of life as well as forgiveness and positivity. 

The palette of colours I use, therefore, can be quite visceral in tone. The materials are varied: acrylics, netting, canvas, glitter and scaffolding. I like to construct layers and experiment with textures, using shifts in movement between paints, working with complex narratives as well as celebrating beauty, innocence and the pure emotion that art can bring.