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Post Two

When I say they, I mean Granny. Granny Knott, that is, and not Granny Bond. As they are two completely different beings. One being selfish and the other being oblivious, in every sense of the word. The local people were aware that these two were around and about, in the same way you’re aware that you’re breathing, I suppose. Sort of unconsciously conscious, aware that something just said hello or pinched them to get out of their way, but never really sure what it was that had just happened. But being local people, they never…

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Post One

Things in Dunge Bottom were never that simple. There was never anything like a normal day. The sky was never perfectly blue. The birds always sang slightly out of tune. Leaves never fell straight down but rather slightly to one side. The river never ran but sort of ambled along, minding it’s own business. But it wasn’t for want of trying. Most people lived their lives in a state of ignorance that a really thick custard would be proud of, unaware that to keep even this slightly less than perfect world from cracking up completely,…

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